Flip-Down Lifts: Recessed vs. Built-Down Installations

Our flip-down lifts are great space savers, and they can give your place a look similar to that of an in-home movie theatre as well. But what you may not know, is how they look once they're installed and what your finish options are.
There are basically two sorts of ways that you can choose to install one of these lifts, and each way has it's own benefits. Here we'll tell you a little about each of these options and help you choose which method is right for you.
Option #1: Recessed Installations A recessed installation is where the lift is built into the ceiling itself so that when the lift is closed, it appears as pretty much just another part of the ceiling. It can appear as unobtrusive as just a seam or line around the lift.
All of our flip-down lift are only 4.5" deep, and with a TV, at most that will only increase to a maximum of 6".
The benefit of this is mainly a savings in headroom in places like RVs, boats, or yachts where headroom can be at a premium. Also, some customers prefer the minimal effect this type of installation has on their decor.
Here's an example of a recess style installation in an RV:
Option #2: Built-Down Installations A built-down installation is where you build a box or a frame of molding on the ceiling around the lift. You can match the look of the room and even the style of molding to maximize the aesthetics of the room.
As we've said, all of our flip-down lift are only 4.5" deep, and with a TV, at most that will only increase to a maximum of 6". So the box or frame doesn't need to be all that noticeable.
The main benefits of this option are that you won't have to cut into your ceiling so it's less of a worry in that regard, and then of course you'll get the added distance down from the ceiling which may give you a better viewing angle.
Here are a couple examples of built-down style installations:
Take a look at our line of flip-down lifts, and choose the one that's right for you: FLP-410 - for 60"-75" LCD, LED, OLED, or plasma TVs FLP-310 - for 50"-60" LCD, LED, OLED, or plasma TVs FLP-210 - for 32"-50" LCD, LED, OLED, or plasma TVs FLP-110 - for 17"-32" LCD, LED, OLED, or plasma TVs

Lift It FLP-110 Ceiling TV Lift Featured on DIY Network's New TV Show "I Hate My Bath"

The "Zen Master Bath" episode (season 1, episode 6) of DIY Network's "I Hate My Bath" featured our FLP-110 flip-down lift. Host Jeff Devlin helped a couple, Matt and Vickey, remodel the disaster of a bathroom that their house came with, into a modern, Asian-inspired luxury bathroom - just in time for the baby they were expecting.
Click here to see the show's website and learn more...

LIFT IT Flip-Down Ceiling TV Lifts Used On Royal Caribbean's OASIS Of The SEAS Cruise Liner

Royal Caribbean opened bookings for their new cruise ship, the OASIS of the SEAS. This cruise liner (16 decks, 1,184 feet) is now the world's largest passenger vessel, even featuring it's own full-size shopping mall and central park, believe it or not.
OASIS of the SEAS features 28 ultra-modern loft suites and 2,700 spacious staterooms. LIFT IT was contracted to provide flip-down lifts for all 28 of the loft suites, pictured here:
There's also a really nice YouTube video made about this (we're about 4 minutes in, if you're interested)...

To give you an idea of the scale of this ship, here's a picture of it coming into harbor...
You can learn more on Royal Caribbean's website and view more videos and pictures at their OASIS of the SEAS showcase site.
We advise taking a look at the showcase site especially - there's so many amazing features aboard this ship, you'll probably be surprised at least once.

Lift It Lifts: Home Automation System Compatible

You may or may not realize, but you can use any of our lifts with most any programmable (all-in-one) IR remote you can find. And that's a great feature to offer, we're sure about it - BUT, that's not all. Ever heard of an automated home system? You know, one of those things where you can operate pretty much every little thing in your house that runs on electricity with one remote control or touch screen pad? Stuff like this:

Home_Automation_Crestron_Control Home_Automation_AMX_touch_pad

Companies like Crestron®, Control4®, AMX®, etc... These guys have the ability to automate audio, video, home theater, lighting, climate control, window shades, security systems... it shouldn't come as a surprise then, that TV lifts can be controlled this way too. They use a remote or touch screen (or both) to accomplish this.


Sparking any ideas? Because really, you could do a lot with this. Walk into the room, press a button, TV appears and turns on automatically. Press another button, the shades go down. Another button, the lights dim. Thirsty? Another press of a button and a mini-bar lifts up for you, you can probably even child lock it to keep the children out. Just signed a big contract or won a lot of money and need to keep it safe? Press a button and your safe comes out. And that's just a living room. What about a kitchen? A bedroom? By the pool?
Think about it.

(note: the images in this post are quoted from Crestron's, Control4's, and AMX's websites and are used as examples of what companies like these can do)

Which Lift is right for you?

Pasted Graphic

The Right Lift For Your TV
An easy guide for selecting a Lift for your LCD, LED, OLED, or plasma TV
So you made the excellent decision to mount your LCD, LED, OLED, or plasma TV on a TV Lift? Smart shopper! All that's left to decide is which Lift is right for your TV - Let us help.
For the smallest monitors, or especially for use in a kitchen, bathroom, or other smaller space, use the FLP-110. Standard size TVs and those of the mid-range size will want to use the FLP-210, and the largest screens will use the FLP-310 or FLP-410. See the chart below for exact specifications:
FLP-110: (A) is less than 22 in. (55.88 cm.) and (B) less than 33 in. (83.82 cm.) FLP-210: (A) is less than 28 in. (71.12 cm.) and (B) less than 47 in. (119.38 cm.) FLP-310: (A) is less than 35 1/2 in. (90.17 cm.) and (B) less than 57 in. (144.78 cm.) FLP-410: (A) is less than 39 in. (99.06 cm.) and (B) less than 67 in. (170.18 cm.)
TIP: When measuring your TV, make sure to account for TV speakers (side, top, or bottom).
Still not sure which Lift is perfect for your install? Give us a call, we are always happy to help!