Flip-Down Lifts: Recessed vs. Built-Down Installations

Our flip-down lifts are great space savers, and they can give your place a look similar to that of an in-home movie theatre as well. But what you may not know, is how they look once they're installed and what your finish options are.
There are basically two sorts of ways that you can choose to install one of these lifts, and each way has it's own benefits. Here we'll tell you a little about each of these options and help you choose which method is right for you.
Option #1: Recessed Installations A recessed installation is where the lift is built into the ceiling itself so that when the lift is closed, it appears as pretty much just another part of the ceiling. It can appear as unobtrusive as just a seam or line around the lift.
All of our flip-down lift are only 4.5" deep, and with a TV, at most that will only increase to a maximum of 6".
The benefit of this is mainly a savings in headroom in places like RVs, boats, or yachts where headroom can be at a premium. Also, some customers prefer the minimal effect this type of installation has on their decor.
Here's an example of a recess style installation in an RV:
Option #2: Built-Down Installations A built-down installation is where you build a box or a frame of molding on the ceiling around the lift. You can match the look of the room and even the style of molding to maximize the aesthetics of the room.
As we've said, all of our flip-down lift are only 4.5" deep, and with a TV, at most that will only increase to a maximum of 6". So the box or frame doesn't need to be all that noticeable.
The main benefits of this option are that you won't have to cut into your ceiling so it's less of a worry in that regard, and then of course you'll get the added distance down from the ceiling which may give you a better viewing angle.
Here are a couple examples of built-down style installations:
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