TV Mounts Helping Bolster Flat Panel Sales

With the custom electronics industry inching away from "hanging and banging" to survive, installers are looking for products that help them to grow their revenue streams.

WallWizard, manufacturer of TV mounts that debuted at CEDIA Expo 2010, says installers are interested in its mounts as a means of bolstering sales of flat-panel TVs.

“The fact that we don’t publish our MAPs [minimum advertised price] and leave the actual selling prices up to the dealer is applauded," says Craig Matthews, WallWizard's VP of sales and marketing. "With our suggested selling prices of our core motorized models from $149 to $429 and core manual models from $99 to $329, dealers can sell a motorized WallWizard mount at prices rivaling competing brands manual mounts, while still making substantial margins."

Matthews says the key for installers is to focus on how they can service client’s system needs. Matthews says installers should show clients how mounts can enhance their ability to watch TV.

Chris Wyllie, founder of Islandia, N.Y.-based integration firm
SEAL Solutions, says his company incorporates mounts into all of its sales to make the video category profitable.

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“In today’s economy, every integrator understands that it is hard to make money on flat-panel TV sales," says Wyllie. "By using WallWizard mounts, it is a way for us to offer something different from what is available at big-box retailers. You will not find motorized mounts at the retail price WallWizard is offering. You can pretty much replace someone’s standard manual mount with a WallWizard motorized mount and get the job because you are giving added value.”

Wyllie adds that selling flat-panel TVs is like selling cell phones. “Stores do not make money on the cell phones, and we know that,” he says. “The accessories are where they are making the money. Similarly, TV accessories are where you make the money. If you are the store that has the really cool accessories, then you are going to be selling - and making - a lot more money.”